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Our success is built on three main pillars:

  • A unique, internal and updated database of current  decision makers amongst banking and financial institutions.
  • A strong expertise in the Banking and Financial industry since this is our unique market and background.
  • A positive ROI: we reach or go beyond our initial objectives for 95% of our campaigns and most clients become repeat customers.

Lead Generation Specialists for the Financial Markets

3 great reasons to acquire your financial leads through us

we combine our expertise in the Banking and Finance industry with our Banking and Finance database

The campaigns carried out are designed to achieve tangible results (qualified leads and contact data) and offer the most positive Return on Investment (ROI) you can expect from marketing initiatives. Consolidating the above resources enables us to quickly identify and qualify projects and leads that are of benefit and interest to you.


Lead generation is an essential business process that enables the consistent identification of new business opportunities amongst banking and financial institutions you are not very well connected with. It also allows you to hear from promising contacts and potential buyers based on the identification of the most likely prospects for future projects in your industry.

Within a few days, we can extract  hundreds of top decision makers in order to qualify their needs with regards to your services, and identify potential interest or short-term projects.


Building a database from the very beginning can be a daunting task, it needs to be maintained and compliant at all times. A good database of customers is the cornerstone of any business. We can integrate new campaigns to rejuvenate and boost your database.

What Our Customers say

We needed rapid solutions and fast. As a hedge fund we are prohibited in many ways in how we can perform marketing. David & Ludovic helped me navigate to new sources of capital allowing me and my team to focus on the markets.

Sabs Kelper

Baer's Crest have given me some of my best leads to grow my brokerage. I recommend any company to try them out, very cost effective .

Peter Summers

Baer's Crest Partners

Ludovic Vuillier

Executive Director

Intrepid explorer and entrepreneur Ludovic  gets immense pleasure from working with companies on improving their sales and negotiation strategies. Whether with their sales teams or working with their upper management, it is incredible to see the transformation that happens.

This has brought Ludovic to work with many industries having the privilege of helping broker some commodity deals, including his two favorites – gold and diamonds. Ludovic has a special love for diamonds since it was the family business (petrol was the other one – and both were before they moved into other industries). 


David Rose

David is an associate at Baer´s Crest. His primary focus is delivering quality services and identifying new opportunities. David has over a decade in the financial services sector, including roles in asset management, sales trading, sales and relationship management, compliance and corporate oversight.

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