• As a negotiations advisor to entrepreneurs, I work with a company’s upper management in their negotiations with partners, suppliers, high level clients and employees to secure the best deals they can get based on their preferences and priorities
  • Sales team development – I help companies hire, train and retain sales representatives for all markets with a focus on quality rather than quality
  • Business liaison – over the years I have developed an extensive network in many industries worldwide. If you’re looking for a service or product, chances are that I can make the introduction for you.
  • Corporate Services Advisor – whether you need to incorporate your business onshore or offshore, set up a bank account or get a specialised license for you or your business, we can either do it in-house or via one of our partner companies

If you are interested in becoming a client, please click on the link to fill out this form and we will get back to you within 2 weeks.

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I only accept clients whom I feel will be able to profit the most from our work together.